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Coaching Packages

Professional Growth

6 Sessions

What do you get?

  1. A half day diagnostic workshop – step off the treadmill and look at your business through fresh eyes with the help of an independent perspective and intelligent questions. I promise that you’ll come away with this session with renewed energy and a clear, realistic set of smart actions to rebuild your business’s momentum
  2. Three (monthly) 1:1 coaching sessions with me either face to face or via Skype. Having an action plan is all very well but what happens next is crucial. Most business owners struggle because they have nobody to hold them accountable for their actions. Using a business coach provides the drive and motivation to follow through because you know that you will need to report back to me on your progress.

How will you benefit?

  1. Actionable plans that will keep you on track
  2. Measurable results in your areas of focus
  3. Confidence to take more courageous action
  4. Supportive accountability to ensure you make progress

Business Development

12 Sessions

What do you get?

  1. Monthly coaching sessions of up to 2 hours per session
  2. Email and telephone support between sessions
  3. Comprehensive follow-up email detailing agreed actions and additional coaching comments from Karen

How will you benefit?

  1. Make your ideas a reality
  2. Provides a much needed, impartial, confidante
  3. Step back and see the wood from the trees
  4. Reconnect your actions with your long-term financial and/or lifestyle goals
  5. Create a realistic, smart action plan
  6. Maintain your focus in the face of multiple distractions
  7. Follow through on agreed actions to deliver results fast
  8. Celebrate your successes and extract the learnings from any setbacks
  9. Encouragement to get out of your comfort zone

Organization Scaling

24 Sessions

What do you get?


Understand your individual behavioural, communication, decision making preferences and seeing how those fit together to make the most of your combined skills and minimise your differences.


A joint business planning workshop facilitated and guided by Karen to ensure that you are aligned in your goals and have clear action plans to achieve them. Make sure you are both doing the work that maximises your strengths.


A programme of four (monthly) joint coaching sessions to maintain accountability, assess progress, address shortfalls and celebrate successes.


Following each session you will receive a comprehensive follow-up email from Karen detailing actions and any coaching comments.

How will you benefit?

  1. An impartial advisor to enable you to develop your business relationship
  2. Clarity around your individual and business goals enabling you to move ahead with confidence
  3. Deep understanding of one another’s skills, communication and decision making styles making working together more effective and reducing stresses causes by misunderstandings
  4. Increased revenue opportunities as you work together better
  5. Unbiased facilitation of discussions enabling you to work through issues without damaging your partnership