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Our most of the clients are happy with my work 

Our business was doing ok when we met Edward but we knew we could do so much better; we just weren’t sure how. Now, every month we have made real progress towards our goals and doubled our monthly income within the first 9 months. Can’t wait to see what the coming months will bring as Karen helps us with our first book launch and we go up another level
Rachel Coffman
Financial Manager
Working with Edward has made such a huge difference to me. I felt like I was in chaos when we first met, but rather than criticise or create a long list of ‘To Dos’ she helped me get clear and encouraged me with patience and kindness. Now, when we meet I have someone that is a trusted advisor and whose knowledge and skill continues to change my business.
Jeffrey Sieben
Business Manager
Edward was an excellent coach. He seemed to know just what to say and how to say it so that it would be meaningful to me. He was always professional and made this a very memorable experience. I will definitely take the things I learned in coaching with me throughout my career.
Robert Welch
Business Analyst
Working with Edward to both assess and improve my leadership skills has been not only a professional gift but a personal one that I can apply to all relationships in my life. His ability to ask powerful, thought provoking and challenging questions is a highly effective way to lead his clients to do the proper self-assessment and discover a better way forward. He took the time to know me as an individual and to understand my context and working environment as he supported my journey. By far, the best employee benefit I’ve ever received in my professional career.
William Giles
Commercial Banker
My team and I are both benefiting from the coaching that I received from Edward. I was impressed by some of the immediate success that I had with more effectively engaging my team. Those achievements fueled me to take on some more challenging people management issues with success and confidence. Companies really ought to invest in coaching for new managers more often instead of waiting to invest in coaching for executives.
Linda Walter

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